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Acclaimed for her novel Trumpet, poet and prose writer prepares to attend the 10th Flip
Having won prizes for her four novels, Dulce Maria Cardoso confirms that she is coming to Paraty
Acclaimed young Chilean author comes to Flip to launch Bonsai, his first novel
Sociologist specialising in social and urban development will take part in Flip 2012
Open City, his debut novel, was praised by Wole Soyinka
A writer honoured by the Swedish Academy in 2008 confirms that he will be coming to Paraty
Considered to be the most important living poet writing in modern Arabic, the Syrian-Lebanese writer Adonis, who is based in Paris, will take part in the tenth Flip
Flip 2012 will feature two of the biggest specialists on the bard’s work: Stephen Jay Greenblatt and James Shapiro
Winner of the 2011 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, the American author signs on for Flip 2012
The author of Soldier of Salamis and the Cuban writer confirm their presence in Paraty
The Catalonian author is known for his literary references and for having other writers as characters in his novels
Ian McEwan returns to Paraty for Flip’s tenth anniversary. A book on the history of Flip and a set of DVDs of festival highlights are also planned

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