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Adriana Lisboa
Born in 1970, the Carioca Adriana Lisboa made her literary debut in 1999 with the novel Os Fios da Memória, and since then has been regarded as one of the most important figures in Brazilian literature. A postgraduate in languages, Lisboa spent her childhood and adolescence in Rio de Janeiro, and has also lived in Brasília, Paris and Avignon. Winner of the 2003 José Saramago Literary Prize for her second book Sinfonia em Branco and a full-time writer, she has severa l other areas of interest. A trained musician – with a degree in music – she has worked as a singer, flautist, music teacher and composer. She is also a translator, and has recently translated Dictionnaire: Le Petit Rebelle by Claudine Desmarteau into Portuguese. Works Os Fios da Memória Rocco Sinfonia em Branco Rocco Um Beijo de Colombina Rocco

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