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6pm Tribute to Clarice Lispector The first event of FLIP 2005 pays tribute to Clarice Lispector. We have invited the Molière prize-winning stage director Naum Alves de Souza to create this opening event: a multimedia show combining testimonies from friends and pundits, readings from Lispector’s books by actors and authors, songs, poems and excerpts from films inspired by her work. It is an invitation to all of FLIP’s visitors and guest writers to explore the unique world of one of the most important prose writers in the Portuguese language.
10pm Opening Concert One of Brazil’s most oustanding songwriters welcomes visitors to FLIP 2005. Paulinho da Viola presents a rich repertoire of popular samba endowed with sophisticated melodic lines and refined lyrics. According to the renowned poet Zuenir Ventura, Paulinho is “the master of this musical genre, who successfully combines the traditonal and the new, the now and the then, the samba of the shanty-towns and the samba of the metropolis…”.

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