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8pm Homage to Nelson Rodrigues with Barbara Heliodora - 8 p.m. Opening show - 9 p.m. Orquestra Imperial & João Donato FLIP kicks off its fifth edition with a true festa. Orquestra Imperial, the largest grouping of contemporary Brazilian musical talent, opens the festival with an electrifying performance that will include carnival music and funk, dance hall and soul, samba and boleros. Created in 2002, shortly before the first FLIP, the OI is made up by 18 musicians. Among them are such experienced players as septuagenarian Nelson das Neves, one of the greatest percussionists in the history of Brazilian popular music, alongside many recent revelations including Rodrigo Amarante (from the band Los Hermanos), the three members of +2 (Moreno Veloso, Kassin and Domenico), the delightful divas Thalma de Freitas and Nina Becker, and guitarist Pedro Sá. Habitually sharing the stage with special guests, from Caetano Veloso to Lobão, from Bebel Gilberto to Dudu Nobre, they have now invited one of the most talented Brazilian musicians ever to join them under the Tenda da Matriz. Born in Acre, João Donato moved to Rio as a boy, and by age 15 was already causing a stir on the music scene playing an accordion as big as he was. One of the creators of Bossa Nova, the pianist, arranger, singer and composer did not get stuck in a single groove. He played in the USA, where he spent most of the sixties, sharing recording booths and the spotlight with Stan Kenton, Herbie Mann and Wes Montgomery. He returned to Brazil in 1972, and has since, through sporadic performances, consolidated his reputation as a restless musical all-rounder. This year he toured Brazil and Japan, and released two CDs, one solo and another with his old companion Bud Shank. At Parati, for the Festa’s first festa, he adds the youth of his 72 years to that of the Orquestra’s other young musicians.

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