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10am Event 11 - Rhythm, poetry, politcs ARNALDO JABOR, LUIZ EDUARDO SOARES, MV BILL
Wherever it is found in the world, rap is always inextricably interwoven with politics. In this sure-to-be stimulating event, MV Bill, a rapper from Cidade de Deus, and Luiz Eduardo Soares, anthropologist and former Secretary for Security in Rio de Janeiro, meet the filmmaker and writer Arnaldo Jabor to talk about music and violence, black awareness and the culture industry.
12am Event 12 - Letters from the conflict zone JON LEE ANDERSON, PEDRO ROSA MENDES
The raw facts of contemporary warfare appear to be pushing the limits of modern literature. Two experienced foreign correspondents, the American Jon Lee Anderson, the New Yorker staff writer who covered the Iraq War (The Fall of Baghdad), and the Portuguese Pedro Rosa Mendes, who covered the colonial conflict in Angola (Bay of Tigers), tell of their experiences in the battlefield and discuss the place of journalism in conflict zones.
3pm Event 13 - Urban jungle: detective novels JOSÉ LATOUR, LUIZ ALFREDO GARCIA-ROZA, MARCELLO FOIS
W. H. Auden once said that the true detective novel should be set in a sleepy parish in the English countryside. Here three leading practitioners of crime fiction, the Brazilian Garcia-Roza, the Cuban Latour and the Italian Fois, take the stage in the company of their leading characters – the detectives Espinosa, Elliot Steil and Bustianu – to demonstrate that the genre works as well in Cuba, Sardinia or Copacabana as it does in deepest Wiltshire.
5pm Event 14 - Sea of stories III: Don Quixote and his Spain EVALDO CABRAL DE MELLO
Four hundred years ago, in the village of La Mancha, in the heart of Spain, an elderly skinny knight and his chubby squire set off to save maidens in distress, right injustices and bring fame to their creator, Miguel de Cervantes, the father of all novelists. The great Brazilian historian Evaldo Cabral de Mello evokes an Imperial Spain undergoing major transformations – an appropriate setting for the mishaps that brought fame to the “Knight of the Sad Countenance”.
7pm Event 15 - The tightrope walker SALMAN RUSHDIE
An unprecedented event: a first publication of an international novel in Parati. The Anglo-Indian author Salman Rushdie will read extracts from his novel Shalimar, the Clown, a book that travels the tightrope between India and Pakistan, West and East, hate and passion, the sky and the earth. Rushdie, author of the 1981 Booker Prize-winning novel Midnight’s Children, is the President of the American chapter of PEN, the international writers’ organisation devoted to freedom of expression and support for writers in prison, and he will also discuss a range of crucial issues including intolerance, censorship and literature.

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